5 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress That Will boost your conversion


If you want to build a successful Amazon Affiliate website, which will generate passive income, then you should spend money on the best Amazon Affiliate Plugin.

However, if you don’t use the right WordPress plugin, you could lose out on essential statistics that might help you develop your affiliate scheme.

You’ll have to spend much more time analyzing and adding each link, and you won’t even be able to know how much money each link will be bringing in.

If you’re a WordPress regular and an Amazon associate, we’ll go into the benefits of having an Amazon Affiliate plugin in this article.

After that, we’ll look at the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

Benefits of using the WordPress Amazon Affiliate plugins

  • You can conveniently sync Amazon merchandise with your Woocommerce shop using the WordPress Amazon Affiliate plugins.
  • A monitoring tool is also included with the plugins. As a result, you can keep track of how many clicks and commissions each link generates.
  • Amazon could alter the price of a product at any moment. And you might be unintentionally marketing an item with the incorrect price. These plugins could pull you up to date with all of the Amazon items you’re supporting, including their specifics and updates.
  • Users can also make comparison tables for the items so that your guests can make informed decisions.

Top 5 Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress That Will Make You Amazon Affiliate Rockstar

1 – AAWP (Easy to use, full featured, Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin)


Do you want to show all of Amazon’s items on a single webpage or in a series of posts? This plugin allows you to display one or even more items on a single page or post using Shortcodes.

Single product boxes

Try AAWP if you’re looking for a paid plugin to handle your Amazon affiliate links. It’s a dominant player in the market that offers an all-in-one approach for embedding and monitoring affiliate links on your WordPress blog.

One of the most widely used Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins is AAWP. This plugin will assist you in increasing the rating of your partner website and increasing the number of commissions you receive.

Aawp data fields including last updated date

AAWP is a perfect plugin for both newcomers and advanced affiliate marketers due to its ease of use and versatility. Since it offers you so many options for ad placement, you’ll be able to try out new ads. First, let us see the core features of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

Features of AAWP:

  • You can automatically generate text links and show product names. You may also manually enter product names.
  • Widgets can be used to add products to the sidebar.
  • You can also show the readers more aesthetically appealing product boxes with characteristics like title, image, description, current demand, pricing, promotions, and call-to-action keys.
  • This plugin is compatible with the themes you’ve already built.
  • Individual data fields allow you to insert particular bits of information through the API, such as the latest price or the price drop.
  • Google AMP is supported.
  • Depending on the requirements, you can choose between a variety of display templates.
  • You will also see charts of bestseller lists and the latest arrivals that will regularly refresh to keep you updated.

Pricing details: For a single site, the pricing of AAWP starts at €39.

2 – AzonPress (Most Affordable and Feature-Packed)


To improve the effectiveness of your products, the AzonPress plugin allows users to create distinctive and compelling promotional materials with all important sales-oriented attributes.

It is easy to install in your WordPress and with this you can showcase your products in the style that your key demographic prefers. You could also make your visitors press the “Order” button reflexively!

With AzonPress, you can conveniently create and display high-yield Amazon Affiliate links on your WordPress-based website, as well as handle them.

A 14-day money-back guarantee is included with the plugin. This allows you to test the product before committing to a long-term relationship.

You get all the Amazon affiliate plugin features you’ve been looking for in one convenient place with AzonPress.

Features of AzonPress:

  • The plugin allows you to track your affiliate earnings and access different reports using a simple affiliate management system.
  • It allows you to customize the layouts.
  • This plugin supports Shortcodes, which means you can copy and paste product codes rather than creating new ones.
  • AzonPress now has built-in geotargeting so that you can re-direct customers to their nearest Amazon store.
  • The referral links are tracked and recorded.
  • Any Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that uses AzonPress has some of the finest out-of-the-box template layouts.
  • You can promote as many products as you can.

Pricing details: For a single site, pricing starts at $39.

3 – AAPro

Close to the WZone plugin, AAPro (Amazon Affiliate Pro) allows users to create an online shop that directly accesses Amazon. The extent to which you can configure the display in AAPro separates itself from other affiliate link plugins.

AAPro also is designed for ease of use. You can set up your plugin, browse for and import Products online, and add your product listings from your WordPress dashboard itself.

AAPro will also import and upload Amazon goods directly to your website.

Features of AAPro:

  • It allows users to connect items to their Amazon shopping carts without having to leave the website.
  • It allows customers to build a wishlist of items they intend to buy later.
  • While AAPro provides its WordPress theme, it could be used with any Woocommerce theme.
  • It allows customers to get discount alerts when a product’s price declines on Amazon.
  • You’ll also have an insights page in which you can see the bestseller goods.

Pricing details: With Standard Envato licensing, it costs $29.

4 – WooZone


WZone is a Woocommerce plugin that links your products to Amazon. It’s identified as Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates.

This will help you make money from this collaboration in two different ways.

First, it allows you to set up a phantom dropshipping scheme in which Amazon products are instantly linked up with Woocommerce products. When a buyer purchases a product to their order, they would be redirected to Amazon to complete their purchase. 

Second, you should set up a real dropshipping scheme in which customers order products directly from your website. Then you should go back to Amazon and place your order to complete the transaction.

This involves some physical labor on your side, but it allows you to leverage your earnings instead of depending solely on Amazon Associates commissions.

Regardless of the method you use, WZone makes shipping stuff from Amazon to Woocommerce a breeze. It will also keep products synced in the future, ensuring that the data is still up to date.

Features of WooZone:

  • You can easily show Amazon product recommendations with WooZone.
  • You don’t need a PA API key to sync and import goods from Amazon.
  • You’ll be able to keep track of the amount of time and goods you procure through Amazon.
  • This plugin provides a page optimization system.
  • This plugin works for several Amazon retail stores.

Pricing details: With Standard Envato licensing, WooZone costs $49.

5 – Amalinks Pro


With Amazon and Amalinks Pro, you may easily make passive income! This plugin allows users to add amazing product displays and Amazon affiliate links to every website quickly and efficiently.

Add Amazon Approved “Buy on Amazon” button or conveniently design and implement your special unique personalized Call To Action buttons to boost your click-through rates.

In addition, you can use info from the Amazon API to display product descriptions, pictures, ratings, reviews, and links in a Display Box that is 100 percent compatible with Amazon’s guidelines.


Features of Amalinks Pro:

  • You have the option of selecting any graphic and dimension from the API files.
  • For all of your products, you can customize and display any appropriate title name you wish.
  • Easy customization to display the style you choose.
  • This plugin works with or without access to the Amazon API.
  • It can open all Amazon links in a new browser.
  • This plugin contains Simple WordPress Shortcodes.
  • This plugin can create Text links, image links, tables, and product boxes.

Pricing details: For a single site, the Pricing of Amalinks Pro starts at $67.


That is what to be said about it. We’ve listed the benefits of using Amazon Affiliate Plugins, as well as a list of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin available. These are all the best plugins in the industry. 

AAWP and Azonepress are two plugins that I would recommend if prompted. You should strongly consider AAWP, but if your budget is limited, you can go with Azonepress.


  1. Hey, Ban amazing article man you have poured amazing information into this article. I think AAWP is the best plugin for amazon affiliates because it has all the features that can help affiliates to generate more income. Features like product boxes, geo-targeting, custom templates, and many more. Thanks for this helpful article.


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