7 Best Cloud Hosting in India- (Budget-friendly & 2x Faster)

Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India

Are you looking for the best cloud hosting in India? Will you agree if I say the web hosting choice of the company directly influences brand perception?

Your company may not be as big as Netflix or Amazon which requires high performance-based bandwidth. However, scaling the traffic levels is essential for any business.

Cloud servers are more powerful and flexible, and nowadays it is also available on a low budget. Cloud servers are just as secure as any other VPS or Dedicated server. There is no need to worry about the security of your data in a cloud.

No matter what industry you are in, cloud hosting is being used in every industry today. Let’s find out which cloud solution is best for your business.

7 Best Cloud Hosting in India for the excellent progress of your online business

#1. Cloudways


Cloudways pricing starts at $10 per month. You can host unlimited websites on your server.

The websites that are operating smaller to problematic levels must go with this option. You can host your website on these complex servers (DigitalOceanLinodeVultrAWS, and Google Cloud).

The platform is user-friendly, and there is no requirement for a developer. Cloudways broadly balance both affordability and functionality. 

A complex algorithm handles the switching of the data. Rapid deployment of computing resources is possible. The 2-layer authentication process provides an extra layer of security.

CloudWays Features

  • You can host multiple applications/websites on a single server.
  • Fully managed security by Cloudways technical experts means no need to worry about securing the server.
  • It offers a powerful CDN called Cloudways CDN but is not free, Per application, you get 25 GB bandwidth for $1, and additional consumption costs $0.04 per GB. It is much cheaper than other CDN providers.
  • Auto-healing servers. It’s important for all growing businesses, It fixes failed instances automatically so that your website is always online.
  • All PHP apps supported
  • Cloudways has its own premium caching plugin called breeze
  • With just a single click you can install an SSL certificate on your website.
  • Staging environment
  • Free WordPress site migration plugin, No headache, just Install and migrate your all data in Cloudways with easy steps.

Cloudways Pros & Cons

  • Free 3-day trial
  • Host unlimited applications / websites
  • 2x performance with SSD Hosting
  • Fully managed security
  • Free site migration
  • Auto-healing servers
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model, No longer contract.
  • Premium WordPress Caching plugin
  • No domain registration facility
  • email hosting available as a paid add-on
  • Average customer support
Why Do We Recommend Cloudways?

Cloudways is growing rapidly in managed cloud space. Cloudways is a superb choice for bloggers and startup owners. No yearly contract, pay monthly. Cloudways offers robust security features.

The dashboard is also beginner-friendly, It’s a Fully managed server, so no more expertise is needed to manage your server. Get a 3 days free trial, and see the performance (No credit card required).

Visit Cloudways

#2. Hostinger Cloud


Hostinger is a fully managed hosting service. The caching configuration is integrated. hPanel is Hostinger’s control panel and it offers everything you need, Even it has been the cheapest WordPress hosting in India due to its own control panel. There is an ample amount of resource allocation.

There is a guarantee of online presence since the administrators are always taking care of the updates. It will fix the optimization problems.

The business should prefer Hostinger. A company only requires hosting a large number of websites. Hostinger has the infrastructure to host up to 300 websites.

Additionally, you get dedicated IP and dedicated resources (Isolated Resources) which are necessary for every website. The good thing is the availability of unlimited bandwidth.

Hostinger Features

  • You will get a free domain name and SSL in any of its plans.
  • You can host up to 300 websites in its basic plan.
  • It provides a free CDN as well as a Daily backup facility in which it keeps 30 copies saved in your account.
  • The basic plan has 200GB SSD storage which goes up to 300 GB
  • Free site migration & Integrated Caching
  • With its proprietary control panel called (hPanel), you can easily manage your website.
  • Dedicated IP Address & Resources.
  • Free email hosting, create up to 100 domain-based email addresses.

Hostinger Pros & Cons

  • Free domain & SSL
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Site Migration
  • CloudFlare Integration
  • Free site migration
  • Isolated Resources
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Good storage compare to other cloud providers
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • renewal price is high
  • No Phone Support
Why Do We Recommend Hostinger?

Hostinger provides a hPanel that makes website management easy. It offers a free domain, and its plans are cost-effective. Take full advantage of the server with completely isolated resources.

Hostinger is a great option for WordPress users and businesses who want to run their businesses with less complexity.

#3. Scala Hosting


It is the next hosting solution that customers can try. Quality web solutions are possible with the help of Scala cloud hosting. Being a US-based cloud hosting agency, Scala is a Cloud VPS provider. 

The website owners will be able to get a unique cloud environment having a fully managed VPS provider. The technical support team is also very competitive by nature.

The website owners can replace the costly license-based cPanel hosting plans with Scala. Additionally, you have the option of using sPanel or cPanel.

It may happen the hosting plan is not suited for the company. 30-day money-back policy will ensure that the customer is sufficiently benefitted.

This high degree of customer satisfaction is achieved with Scala hosting. Hence the user will be satisfied with every dimension.

Scala Hosting Features

  • You get a dedicated IP address
  • You can transfer your multiple websites free on Scala hosting.
  • It offers both managed and unmanaged servers for developers and business owners.
  • SShield security solution that blocks 99.998% of web attacks, monitors your website in real-time and notifies you when problems like hacking occur.
  • Daily remote backup
  • To manage a virtual cloud server it has a sPanel Control panel.
  • You get dedicated CPU / RAM resources that ensure your website will always load fast.
  • It automatically keeps 2 snapshots of your VPS for the last 2 days. which allows you to restore the data of your VPS to the previous state, no matter how much data you have on the VPS.

Scala Hosting Pros & Cons

  • Free domain & SSL
  • Daily Remote Backups
  • HTTP/3 Support
  • Dedicated IP
  • Free Multiple Site Migration
  • SShield Security Protection
  • Powerful Control Panel (sPanel)
  • Outstanding Customer support
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Higher Renewal Price
Why Do We Recommend Scala Cloud Hosting?

Scala Host provides sPanel which allows you to easily manage your website. There are immense resources available to strengthen your high-traffic website.

Moreover, It offers an SShield solution that prevents 99.98% of web attacks. Best and budget-friendly options for small to midsize companies.

#4. Hostgator Cloud


Hostgator is the most popular hosting brand that is known for its affordable pricing. The entry-level package starts at just $4.95/mo which is budget-friendly for small businesses.

If your website requires more traffic then you won’t have to switch to another host, you can upgrade your resources. Hostgator’s cloud speed is impressive and the uptime rate is much better than the shared server.

The backend panels of some hosting are a bit complicated but not so in the case of Hostgator. Its intuitive dashboard allows you to manage your website easily. Moreover, you can also track your website’s performance and usage.

Hostgator Cloud Features

  • Despite being cheaper, it offers a free domain name for new users.
  • It’s one of the most affordable managed cloud hosting in the market.
  • cPanel Support
  • Integrated Caching
  • You can easily scale resources
  • You can manage and track your site’s performance.
  • If a hardware problem occurs, your site automatically switches to another server.

Hostgator Pros & Cons

  • Free Domain & SSL
  • cPanel Support
  • Integrated Caching
  • Easily Scalable
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Good Customer Support
  • No money back guarantee
Why Do We Recommend Hostgator Hosting?

Hostgator is one of the cheapest cloud options in the market. If you have a service website & blog then it’s worth considering.

Moreover, you get Cpanel support and a free domain & SSL. If your budget is low then hostgator cloud is the right choice.

#5. Fastcomet


Fastcomet is a US-based hosting provider that is known for its excellent security with the highest uptime rate. Unlike others, Fastcomet offers cPanel in its cloud hosting which makes it easier to manage.

The scaling plans are good and they help you grow easily. It has some advanced features that will be beneficial for tech-savvy people as they can make the most out of it.

Fastcomet provides you with a 7-days money-back guarantee. All of its servers are powered through SSDs to give you optimal speed.

The perks include free daily and weekly backups, free migrations, and free domain transfer.

Fastcomet Cloud Features

  • Fastcomet use ECC RAM
  • Performance & resources monitoring
  • System load and processes overview
  • Daily Backups & free backup restore
  • Security Updates and Patching
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Brute Force protection
  • cPanel/WHM/Softaculous support

Fastcomet Pros & Cons

  • Daily & weekly backups
  • Brute Force protection
  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Varnish Static & Dynamic caching
  • LiteSpeed LSPHP Technology
  • Real-time CPU & Memory monitoring
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • It’s bit expensive
Why Do We Recommend Fastcomet Hosting?

Fastcomet is good for those who want cloud performance with less complexity. It offers great security solutions such as Bruteforce protection, DDDos detection, Malware Detection, and Removal.

The best solution for WordPress users and companies.

If you want to run your business with less complexity then prioritize the managed cloud which is given above. Because the bottom two providers offer an unmanaged solution, and this is specifically for developers and companies who know how to manage them.

#6. Kamatera Express


The cloud servers are compatible enough with any computing programs. Whether it is a single development server or a complex cloud infrastructure, Kamatera Express is a clear winner in any possible situation.

The managed cloud service of Kamatera is offering enterprise-level technology.

The technical team has enough expertise in managing cloud servers. The cloud load balancer of Kamatera is scalable and virtual.

The cloud firewall offers an advanced security system. It will protect the server from any virus and other attacks.

The cloud block storage is an innovative tool which is not possible with other server options. Kamatera Express will be the primary choice while choosing the unmanaged cloud hosting options.

Kamatera Express Features

  • Highly customizable servers
  • Offers both managed & unmanaged server
  • cPanel and Plesk available
  • Windows & Linux OS
  • Guaranteed dedicated resources
  • One-click app Installation
  • Clean dashboard

Why Do We Recommend Kamatera Hosting?

Kamatera aims to make cloud hosting accessible at an affordable price. It offers both managed or unmanaged servers.

The best option for enterprises and developers. Get a 30-day free trial and see the performance of kamatera. 

#7. DigitalOcean


If you are an expert developer; this option will be perfect for you. The list of features and functionality is vast. The control panel is easy to use.

It has one-click solutions for WordPress. There are hourly billing options required for the services used. The APIs provided are simple and minimalistic.

There are standard HTTP tools for the invocation of APIs. New cutting-edge technologies have been used in this infrastructure. There is an active digital community of DigitalOcean.

It is an excellent platform for feedback, discussions, and solving queries. The documentation program of DigitalOcean is comprehensive and resourceful. Tutorials, installations, guides, and all other programs are included within the documentation program.

Small startups and individual software developers can benefit from the monthly plans. Despite cheap rates and pricing, the performance has not been compromised.

The cloud servers have enough potential to control the data. It can be a good cloud hosting option.

DigitalOcean Features

  • Developer-Friendly
  • API support
  • Free Credit for new users
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • One-click app Installation
  • Vast solutions for various industries

Why Do We Recommend DigitalOcean Hosting?

Digitalocean is a solid choice for developers. You have absolute control to customize it. already many developers & startups are using digitalocean to launch their complex web applications.

Now it’s your turn. Click her to get $100 free credit and see how powerful digitalocean is.

What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a web hosting solution. It can balance the load and maximize the uptime. Multiple different servers are used. Unlike a single server, cloud hosting absorbs resources from a centralized pool.

It is the system that will not stop running. Failure of one server will automatically start the second server to carry out the work. It can be visualized as a web of different interconnected computers.

There is an addition of resources as more machines are hooked to the same network.

The primary focus is given on the uptime. You will get a dedicated IP address. The resources can be isolated.

In traditional web hosting, there is space limitation as the server is single. But cloud hosting provides you with a cluster. This cluster is giving enough space for the storage of data and confidential information.

How to choose the right cloud hosting provider in India?

Budget – Whether a small business or large, cloud server hosting is available to fit any budget. It is an ample opportunity for the small-scale business to add some extra resources in hosting. It will somehow grow your business faster.

Customer support – The official approval from the hosting team is critical. Customer support is essential for beginners.

The administration and infrastructure of the customer support team must be checked before choosing the particular hosting plan. I recommend you choose managed hosting for better customer support.

Money-back guarantee – You bought hosting for a year, and within a few days, you started having problems. In such a way, if your provider doesn’t have any money-back policy, then your money will be wasted.

All cloud servers offer a money-back guarantee, except Cloudways, and Digitalocean. Digitalocean gives free credit for 30 days, and Cloudways offers 3-day free trial without a credit card.

Uptime – Revenue and user experience are significantly impacted by poor uptime. Without a proper uptime feature, it isn’t easy to scale the business.

Root Access – It’s not for beginners. The expert developers may need to take control of the environment of the server. Hence root access is an essential feature for the expert developers.


The cloud hosting plans can be both managed and unmanaged. The only cost of the server is not the parameter. There are many more factors to consider apart from price.

In a managed cloud server, the hosting company takes the responsibility of recruiting engineers for the server’s sound configuration. If you are a beginner in the race of startups and businesses, go for this option.

On the other hand, the hosting company only ensures the hardware infrastructure support in Unmanaged server options.

Experienced players like developers and technical employees are focused on working on this platform.

Managed Cloud Server

  • Easy to Use, No technical skills required
  • Free backups facilities
  • Securing server is company’s’ liability
  • Good for non-techie / beginners
  • Hosting providers offer cPanel or other control panels free
  • Companies offer a money-back guarantee
  • No Root Access

UnManaged Cloud Server

  • Required technical skills to manage
  • Paid backups
  • Securing server is your liability
  • Good for developers
  • Pay additional fees for cPanel or other control Panels
  • No money-back-guarantee
  • Root Access


Cloud hosting is important for the success of the website. It’s worth investing money in these cloud hosting sites for your high-traffic blog and e-commerce site.

If you’re still not sure which cloud server to go with, don’t panic! Check out these top 4 cloud hosting providers that I personally use and recommend.

1. Cloudways (Best uptime rate with robust security)

2. Hostinger (Affordable, Lite speed server with easy-to-use)

3. Hostgator Cloud (Affordable, and local customer support)

4. DigitalOcean (Best for developers & startups)

Right now I’m using both Cloudways and Hostinger cloud servers. both are amazing in terms of performance and features. 

This website “foxmaya.com” is hosted on Hostinger. See the results below.

Hostinger Dashboard (Fox Maya is hosted on Hostinger)

And my personal website “bansharma.com” is hosted on Cloudways. See the results below.

Cloudways dashboard (Ban Sharma is hosted in Cloudways)

I am using both of these cloud servers for my own website, and I am happy with their performance so far, I have not faced any problems yet.

The other two cloud providers “scala hosting“ & “Digitalocean” are also the best in performance and I used them earlier for my other affiliate websites that’s why I have included them in my top recommendation.

Cloud Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Is cloud hosting better than shared hosting?

In shared hosting, resources are limited. Hence the scale limit is also smaller. But in cloud hosting, the scale limit is higher. Because here, the resources are unlimited. The scalability of cloud hosting always makes it a better option.

Why cloud hosting is the best?

The server uptime is increased to a great extent. Both the security and scalability of resources are greater with cloud hosting. One needs to pay according to the service required. There is no hidden fee or additional charges.

Can I host a website on a cloud server myself?

The managed server is a better platform for hosting than the unmanaged server. The one-click features will bring a lot of difficulties regarding the hosting of unmanaged servers. A WordPress site installation through a single-click is essential for an unmanaged server. But the problem lies in hosting another website on the same server. You may not have the technical expertise to perform the task.

How much does cloud hosting cost?

You can start a basic plan with as low as $5 per month.

Is cloud hosting cheaper than a dedicated server?

Cloud servers offer on-time pricing and higher scalability. There are fluctuations in prices according to demand. Business organizations that have a cyclic level of markets may prefer this cloud hosting option. But if the overall cost is compared with dedicated hosting, then it is not precisely cheaper.

Is cloud hosting secure?

There is an additional layer of security when it comes to the security protocol of cloud hosting. The physical server itself contains security layers. The virtual network is protected by isolating your cloud hosting environment. The managed server has been proven to be more secure than the unmanaged server. In a managed server, the technical engineers are responsible for doing the analysis. But in an unmanaged server, the entire work has to be done by you.

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