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Today we’re going to share the 5 most popular and the best WordPress hosting in India. You know, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS, with 38.7% of websites on the Internet being built only on WordPress.

You can earn money by creating your blog or selling services to others. Additionally, we have given you the two fastest WordPress hosting for established WordPress users who require robust security with better loading speed.

Updated list of Best WordPress Hosting in India

1. Hostgator India

  • Pricing Starts – Rs.299/mo
  • Disk Space – 10 GB
  • Monthly Visits – 25,000
  • Load Time – 717 ms
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Money-back Guarantee – No

Hostgator India Overview: Want to get affordable and award-winning web hosting services? If yes, then move to HostGator. Before expanding internationally, Hostgator opened its first office in India in 2012.

Due to the nearest server, many small business owners & bloggers get a better speed.

Whether you want to host a larger website for your business or want a personal WordPress website to highlight your talents, HostGator is a better option for all cases. Its basic plan starts at Rs.299/mo.

Bottom Line

Hostgator provides excellent local customer support and gives a great discount including a free .net domain. Hostgator is good for beginners.

2. Scala Hosting

  • Pricing Starts – $3.95/mo
  • Disk Space – 50 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Load Time – 286 ms
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Money-back Guarantee – 30 Day

Scala Hosting Overview: Scala hosting comes with a unique technology that is independently run from the US.

They provide two data centers, out of which one is available in its native country and the other is in the EU. Due to its 99.99% uptime, it creates a massive mark in the hosting industry.

Strong security and daily backups help you to make your site secure from any kind of spammy or non-spammy data loss.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for better security along with the fastest speed, then Scala hosting is the best option for you. Moreover, you will get a free domain name for 1 year.

3. Bluehost

  • Pricing Starts – $3.95/mo
  • Disk Space – 50 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth – Unmetered
  • Load Time – 405 ms
  • Uptime – 99.98%
  • Money-back Guarantee – 30 Day

BlueHost is another great name in WordPress hosting. It’s a part of the EIG group. Their hosting is specifically designed for WordPress, Even if It’s officially recommended by WordPress.

It does offer tremendous speed and simplicity. You can enjoy a quick setup with Bluehost and the interface itself is easy to navigate. The 24/7 support is there to fix any of your hosting issues, with a minimal price tag.

They offer 30 days money-back guarantee. Bluehost’s basic plan starts from $3.95/mo.

Bottom Line

Bluehost is a popular and highly stable hosting provider that makes setting up a website a breeze. For a starter, it is very hard to invest a lot, and due to the limited purchase capacity of their customers, they provide a free domain name for a complete 1 year. Bluehost is a good choice for WordPress users.

4. CloudWays

  • Pricing Starts – $10/mo
  • Disk Space – 25 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth – 1 TB
  • Load Time – 341 ms
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Money-back Guarantee – No (Free 3 days trial)

Cloudways Overview: Cloudways provides managed WordPress hosting means there is the freedom to choose their cloud service provider like the Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Their main goal is to simplify the usage of cloud hosting by which users from non-developer backgrounds can host websites very efficiently and easily.

It supports popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and more. you can increase your server’s resources whenever you need it.

Bottom Line

Cloudways is a multipurpose hosting. If you want to start an e-commerce website or any startup-related website then Cloudways is the best choice for you.

5. Hostinger

  • Pricing Starts – Rs.59/mo
  • Disk Space – 10 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth – 100 GB
  • Load Time – 350 ms
  • Uptime – 99.98%
  • Money-back Guarantee – 30 Day

Hostinger Overview: Hostinger comes at the top of the list of the cheapest WordPress hosting in India. Not all cheap hosting services are poor, and Hostinger has proved it with his supreme performance.

It is a reliable web hosting brand. Undoubtedly choose this, if your budget is tight.

Their technical support team is marvelous. maybe it can disappoint you because it doesn’t have phone assistance but they help you through chat. Its basic plan starts at Rs.99/mo.

Bottom Line

If you want to start your online business but your budget is very low, then in that case no other hosting provider is better than Hostinger. You get a free domain name in every plan, Except for the starter plan.

What are the key aspects of choosing the right WordPress hosting in India?

Speed – Speed is the most important factor when it comes to user experience. Choosing SSD hosting is a great choice. Speed is not a ranking factor but it may impact your revenue because of poor loading speed.

Uptime – Uptime is a time measure of how long your website is live. Transfer your website to another hosting if your website often goes offline. Both your money and hard work are useless if your website is offline.

1-click WordPress installation – It is helpful for beginners to set up WordPress quickly without requiring any technical skills.

As the single-click WordPress installation integrated with cPanel usually, any kind of user can install a WordPress site in just a few seconds with 3 to 4 clicks.

Local Server – If you’re targeting a specific country’s audience, make sure that your web host has a server in that country. As a result, your website will load faster and your audience will get a better experience.

if you don’t get a server in India then you can go with the Singapore server because it’s nearer to India. Singapore has better infrastructure, even the uptime rate is also better than Indian servers.

Local customer support – Technical support is the most important factor in choosing WordPress hosting but the easiest one to check by yourself.

You can go to any web host’s website, chat with their support via toll-free telephone or live chat, and ask some technical questions that you know.

An ideal web host should be knowledgeable about WordPress so that it can help users with the issues related to WordPress.

In most cases, you will receive English support, but wouldn’t it be better to have customer support in your native language?

You get Indian customer support in your language, if you go with Hostgator India, Whereas you get support in English from other hosting providers.

Bandwidth – Initially, Every new website struggles to get traffic. Nevertheless, we ensure that you get a good bandwidth in your basic plan as well. mostly for every website 10,000 to 25,000 visitor plan is normally more than enough.

Even Some hosts give unlimited bandwidth, so initially, you don’t need to worry about your bandwidth in starting. If you have any doubts related to unlimited bandwidth, it would be better to read the terms & conditions or consult with their representative.

Multiple websites allowed – Most hosting companies allow installing multiple WordPress sites. But In Godaddy, Resources, and features will expand when you upgrade your plans but you still won’t be able to install more than one site.

Do you still feel confused about WordPress hosting? I have categorized different options based on your requirements.

Which WordPress hosting is good for bloggers?

If you’re a blogger and your traffic isn’t more than 20,000, then Bluehost is good for you. Otherwise, choose Scala Hosting because it’s the best Bluehost alternative that offers more resources at even lower prices. Additionally, their uptime rate is much better than it.

Which WordPress hosting is good for e-commerce websites?

If you are running an e-commerce website, you probably have created your online store through Magento or woocommerce. In such a way, Cloudways is the best option for you in which you can make monthly payments. It supports both WordPress and Magento and you will never lack resources.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider so you get great uptime and speed. It offers a 3-day free trial (without a credit card).

Which WordPress hosting is good for handling high traffic?

If your website has very good traffic and you are looking for hosting that gives you good resources as well as better security, then Cloudways and Scala Cloud VPS are best for you. both offer a decent amount of resources and handle traffic spikes. You can migrate your WordPress website for free in both hostings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the fastest WordPress hosting in India?

I would recommend Bluehost, Scala hosting, and Cloudways because they load your website faster than others. They provide real value for your money.

Which is the cheap WordPress hosting?

There are numerous cheapest WordPress hosting providers in the market but not all of them are reliable. Here Hostinger and Hostgator come which offers reliable services. additionally, both offer free domain & SSL.

How much does it cost to host a WordPress site?

Generally, It starts at around $2.75/month. Companies offer 4 varieties of WordPress hosting that are based on shared, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated. For instance, Bluehost is based on shared, and Kinsta is based on the cloud. That’s why Kinsta is more expensive than Bluehost because it’s built on Google Cloud. If you compare them, you will find that the performance of Kinsta is extremely high.

Which is the best hosting for WordPress in India?

Hostgator is the best WordPress hosting provider in the Indian market. If we talk about features and prices also then it’s comparatively less.

Can I get a free domain name?

Yes, you will get a free domain, and a minimum of 1 year of validity with every hosting provider except Cloudways.

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