DigitalOcean Promo Code – Free $100 Credit


When it comes to buy the best VPS cloud server, DigitalOcean tops the list! Before sign up, apply digitalocean promo code to get free $100 credit into your account for 60 days. Which means run your website free until you exhaust your credit within 60 days.

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean features the tagline “Welcome to the Developer Cloud” as they make it simple to launch in the cloud. No matter whether it is a business website, portfolio one, a startup or a news website, DigitalOcean has an intuitive control panel, affordable pricing, team accounts and everything that a core web developer requires to scale and grow a business.

Digitalocean Pricing & droplets

DigitalOcean has spent years in the market and its mission is still the same; it is the simplicity from the user interface to pricing and packages. The cloud hosting features two pricing details of which one is monthly and the other is hourly. And yes, you don’t require to choose or specify whether you want to be billed monthly or hourly as the billing system is monthly by default.

The pricing algorithm works great as you will never have to overpay for the resources you utilize. From the years of service, there’s been no cloud hosting competitor that offered the same pricing algorithm.


Digitalocean Server Locations

About server locations, one word ‘flexibility’ is enough. DigitalOcean has data centers in almost every corner; currently, they have eight data centers with cloud locations varying from:

Install your favorite application in one-click

Similar to server locations, DigitalOcean offers maximum flexibility when it comes to one-click applications. There are a number of standard apps like WordPress, MySQL, LAMP stack and phpMyAdmin to proceed with installation within a few seconds.

Whatever app that is available in the control panel, you can install rightly with just a click and this is where DigitalOcean stands out:


DigitalOcean customer support

With only great support, the support that helps its users is what makes a company stand out. DigitalOcean knows the importance of users and offers solutions for every problem user encounters.

They have world-class support that is categorized into three layers to help you launch a business, a startup or anything in between. A separate system status page, developers support, business support, premier support is there to offer easy solutions.


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