6 Best Group Buy SEO Tools That Fit Your Budget

best group buy seo tools that fit your budget

Are you a freelancer, a startup, a creator, or a small business struggling to find SEO tools that don’t burden your pocket?


Here ends your struggle.

Stay tuned and unlock the solution.

SEO tools are the treasure to thrive in the business world.
But, here is a twist.

Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc cost too high, and small businesses and freelancers can’t afford them. It’s like an unaffordable luxury for a middle-class person.

However, you can afford this luxury using group buy SEO tools.

Now, what are these tools? Let’s dive deep into it.

What Are Group Buy Tools?

Group buy tools are the premium tools that multiple people share. Hard to believe? But, It’s true.

Some platforms buy the tools at the original price and sell the same tool to multiple people who can’t individually afford them, resulting in up to 90% discount.

For example: When 20 people pay 250 Rs for a single tool costing 5k Rs, a 5k Rs tool costs 250 Rs to an individual.

These tools serve results with affordability. However, the prices and plans vary for each website with some limitations.

Now, let me list 6 popular group buy SEO tools that fit your budget and simplify your buying process.

6 Best Group Buy Seo Tools Services

1. ToolsPur

Established in 2020, Toolspur is one of the trusted platforms for buying cheap SEO tools, with a 4.4 rating from Trustpilot.

And you know what? They offer 30+ tools, and 14,000 marketers choose them.

You can buy an individual tool at just Rs.99. Their lite plan and all-in-one plan cost Rs.499 and Rs.799 per month, respectively. Their designer’s plan is perfect for designers at 499/month.

ToolsPur features include:

  • Your privacy is their concern.
  • Their 24×7 support is your savior.
  • 99% uptime guarantee with instant access.
  • With their 3-day refund policy, get your money back if not satisfied.
  • Any payment mode will work.

Bonus: Pay extra to share your account.

2. BundledSEO

BundledSEO service providing all the premium SEO tools under one roof since 2020.

Similarweb shows 293k visits, which means people look out for their tools. Interesting? Let’s continue.

Invest in a basic plan with just Rs.499/month to get basic tools like Grammarly and UberSuggest, and a medium plan to get more tools at 699/month.

Get the Ahrefs Mega Plan for Rs. 2,499/month along with the Semrush Business Plan and other essential tools useful for digital marketing agencies and freelancers.

BundledSEO features include:

  • One-click access and very little chance of downtime.
  • 24×7 support like a supportive partner.
  • Your data is in the safe hands.
  • You will get Semrush Trends and Semrush Business plans too.

Bonus: Use it without any extension.

3. SEOToolAdda

SEOToolAdda has offered the cheapest group buy SEO tools with premium quality since 2019. With 342.7k visitors, it has become a reliable group buy SEO tools website.

They have a Combo Plan with 20 tools at Rs.599/month. Pay with a card, net banking, or UPI and get a refund in 2 days if don’t want to continue.

SEOToolAdda features include:

  • 99% uptime and instant access make it reliable.
  • Their pricing will not load your pockets.
  • Any query, they are always there to solve.

But it works with Chrome extensions only.

Bonus: Get a tool at Rs.30 only.

4. NoxTools

NoxTools offers 20 to 100 tools in group buy tools with ratings of 4.7 from Trustpilot and 5 from Google.

Premium tools will cost you just Rs.99. Pay with a card, net banking, or any medium. Surprising?

More surprises await.

They have a basic plan for beginners and a pro plan for Rs.249 and Rs.499 per month. While with 40+ tools, their advanced plan is Rs.1499/month. They offer a plan for writers at Rs.1799/month

NoxTools features include:

  • They promise privacy and security
  • Like your bestie, they will support you always.
  • Get 24×7 direct access to all tools.
  • 99% uptime guarantee.

Bonus: Fast responses to queries.

5. Toolzbuy

Toolzbuy offers high-quality SEO tools in your budget. With 310.2k visits as per Similarweb, it’s one of the cheapest group buy SEO tools websites. Buy at Rs.149/month.

Their lite plan starts from 299/month offering, tools like Canva Pro and Grammarly. Get extra tools in their pro and advanced plan for Rs.499 and Rs.549 per month.

Also, writers and designers have different plans for them at Rs.899 and Rs.499 per month, respectively.

Toolzbuy rewards you with:

  • New addition of tools to the plan.
  • Instant access with 99% uptime.
  • They serve results with affordability.

Bonus: Different plans for writers and designers.

6. GFXToolz

Want to have a group buy tools within your money restrictions?

With 10000 users, GFXToolz is a platform that provides 95+ tools as per your requirements. Rated 4.7 from Trustpilot, you can lay your trust here in their group buy SEO tools service.

From their basic to premium plan, all plans are cost-effective, offering tools like Canva Pro, Storybuilder, and Place-IT.

Their basic, standard, and premium plans cost Rs.399, Rs 499, and Rs.699 per month.

GFXTools features include:

  • Customer support that saves you from drowning.
  • Tools are updated every month, and new tools are added.
  • Cost-savvy tools with direct and instant access.
  • Their tutorials are a guide to help you.

Bonus: They offer their own AI tools

Group Buy SEO Tools: Safe or Not?

Though the sharing of tools has many benefits, it comes with some risks too, including viruses and privacy issues. However, you can eliminate these risks by subscribing to the plans after doing thorough research.

So, open your blindfold with some research, and then purchase wisely.


If you’re starting a new business, having a strong SEO strategy is crucial to stand out from the competition.

All of these tools have a good reputation and work great with minimal downtime. I have used them without any issues so far. So, should you consider using group buy tools?

Well, if you are a beginner or want to explore and learn, you can go for it. However, I recommend buying directly because some features may not be enabled in group buy tools. Additionally, buying directly is safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get support and updates for the group buy SEO tools?

Yes, you can get support and updates for the group buy SEO tools. Stay connected.

How do group buy SEO tools work?

A website invests in costly tools and sells the same tool to multiple people. This means you can access a premium quality tool at a price as low as Rs.20. You can either buy a single tool or go with a plan with a combination of tools.

How to buy Ahrefs SEO tool at a cheap price?

A group buy SEO tool service is the best option to get Ahrefs at a low price. Either purchase it individually or buy it with other tools from any of the mentioned websites.

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