Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground hosting reviews

Whenever you search for the best WordPress hosting on the Internet, this hosting appears everywhere, which is siteground hosting. I know what you’re thinking, why is it more popular than other web hosting.

Don’t’ worry I will clear all your doubts, this is going to be a comprehensive siteground review. at this time I’m also using siteground hosting.

Before we start, let me show you my website’s stats, This test has been done by GT-Metrix tool. One of the trusted optimization tools out there.

Siteground loading speed check through gt metrix tool

Fox Maya load 1.8s which is quite faster, This is a common issue when you integrate your website with Cloudflare website loading speed gets down often, fox Maya also using Cloudflare CDN.

When you integrate your website with Cloudflare, it often affects the loading speed of the website. I’m pleased with Fox Maya’s loading speed.

Now come back to the point, and discuss does siteground really a great selection for WordPress. And what are its drawbacks?

Siteground Hosting Review (Basic overview)

Firstly, let’s talk about what actually Siteground is and on what mission it is offering hosting service globally. Starting from the start, it firstly appeared in March 2004 and since then, it has registered 2,000,000 domains worldwide. With such a great service, they have come up with a number of additional services like email hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, professional domain setups, and a lot more. These services were just a strategic approach to serve webmasters who’re just starting out!

SiteGround Hosting Plans & Pricing

Let’s talk about hosting plans including what packages should you go for. Siteground has three packages in general with excellent features distribution:

Siteground Startup Plan

Starting with the Startup plan, it is the best featured hosting package if you are just getting started. With just 6.99$/month, you get: Pick only when you’re planning to host a single website.

  • 1 website
  • 10 GB SSD Web Space
  • 10,000 Visits Monthly

What hosting gurus recommend is that if you’re a new blogger or an entrepreneur with a fresh startup, go for the Siteground’s startup plan and experience the smoothness.

Additional features include:

  • Free Site Builder
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL and HTTPS for secure browsing
  • Free Email Accounts for professional and dedicated emails
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Databases

Learn more StartUp plan features

GrowBig Plan

GrowBig, as the name suggests, is a package designed web growth. If you are already going great with the Startup package and have got a growth plan to implement, you can easily migrate to the plan with no hassle.

The GrowBig plan is 2x or more of what the Startup plan offers; you have:

  • Unlimited websites (no worries about the domains or websites you host)
  • 20GB SSD Web Space
  • 25,000 Visits Monthly

What I would suggest is that if you have got enough savings to invest, you can go for its special price tag which is about $9.99/month. Other than the flexible web space and unmetered bandwidth the ‘GrowBig’ package offers, here are some premium features you get access to:

  • Free site transfers
  • SuperCache for loading your site in 2x fast
  • Advanced On-demand Backup for saving your data
  • WordPress Staging for an excellent experience

GoGeek Plan

This package is for a growth website. You can upgrade your high traffic blog and website in this plan, even in this plan you get a high tier of resources & support.

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 40 GB SSD Web Space
  • 100,000 visits monthly

The separation of features is listed as:

Essential Features
This includes all the basic features from customer support to daily backups (as listed in StartUp plan)

Premium Features:

This includes free site transfersSuperCacheAdvanced backups, and brilliant WordPress support.

Geeky Features:

This is where the actual service begins. Here are the four geeky features you get access to:

  • Advanced Priority Support
  • The highest tier of Server resources (you have the most dedicated access to your web sites)
  • One-click GIT Repo creation
  • Last but not least, White-label Site Management

This is what ‘GoGeek’ package is all about. Moving forward, here are the all siteground hosting service plans.

Hosting ServicesStarting PriceDisk Space
WordPress Hosting$6.99/mo10 GB SSD
WooCommerce Hosting$6.9910 GB SSD
Cloud Hosting$80/mo40 GB SSD

Siteground is superior for WooCommerce hosting but its cloud hosting is costly. If you require cloud hosting, then check our cloud hosting list where you will get the best cloud servers according to your project.

let’s talk about the pros and cons of this “15+ years in service” web hosting:

SiteGround hosting pros & cons

Every web hosting comes up with some exciting features but there can be a number of drawbacks, too.

Siteground Pros
  • Good performance (average 99.99% uptime)
  • Above-average page load time (1.8s or less)
  • Good customer support experience (2017-till now)
  • Free Site migration (Do It Yourself, as its easy!) for one website
  • Free SSL and CDN integration
  • Last but not least, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Siteground Cons
  • Higher renewal rates in average
  • Additional 14.95$ Setup Fee when you go for monthly billing
  • No free domain names

Siteground’s Data Centers

siteground has 6 datacenters in 3 continent

  • Iowa, USA
  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Singapore, Asia
  • Sydney, Australia

Siteground’s Performance (uptime & loading time)

The first point that is a need for every webmaster is the performance and Siteground has mastered it. According to the stats, We get to see a 99.9% uptime in the last 6 months. As I shared with you the performance score of my website, Both the uptime and performance of siteground’s are better. that’s the reason siteground is quite famous among WordPress users.

Even Siteground is recommended by WordPress.

WordPress recommend siteground hosting

Here are the prominent Siteground features

Now as we discussed the important parts of what Siteground offers, here are some features that are market competitive and offered free of cost (with any hosting package you choose.

Free site migration:

This feature is very helpful for webmasters who do not have enough technical knowledge and don’t know how to transfer website from one hosting to another because it’s a complicated process in which due to some mistake, Your website stop working and faces downtime. some hosting companies charge for site migration. Even to this, you will find gigs on freelancing websites that charge a lot of money for this work but in siteground it’s completely free. Simply install ‘site migration’ plugin follow some steps, that’s it. you can take siteground’s expert help they will guide you.

Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN:

Both features; SSL and Cloudflare CDN add more authority and accessibility to your online businesses. With an SSL certificate, visitors get notified about their security and browse with no worries even if the feed their important data such as e-mail, contact number, or addresses. Google also favors that site who uses SSL and prevents users to visit unsecured websites. like this:

Unsecure site warning error due to no SSL

About the Cloudflare CDN, which is essential as a cloud integration help your content load faster than ever & protect against DDoS attacks. Cloudflare is serving millions of businesses online and Siteground has partnered with them to help the webmasters who’re making waves with them. Thus, a free “let’s encrypt” SSL and integration with Cloudflare CDN are what we receive as a BONUS!

Quick server response

When it comes to the server response, we get the quickest server response time. siteground provide 99.99% uptime. As you host your website with Siteground, check out the response time with any of the page speed testers available, you’ll receive the mind-blowing results for sure.

Siteground's server response report

SG optimizer plugin:

This is a plugin specifically designed for Siteground users; you get:

  • Dynamic & Auto Caching
  • Minify (HTML, CSS, javascript)
  • Remove query strings from static resources
  • Disable emojis
  • Image optimization
  • Lazy load feature (gravatar, thumbnails, widgets images)

And a few more features, Exciting, isn’t it?

Siteground's extra exciting features

Siteground Customer Support

Coming to the Siteground support, 24/7 live chat available to have our issues solved with minimal delays. Just like the quick server response, their team is technical and replies to each query instantly. The core issues may take a bit of your time but the basic fixes are what that are solved within a matter of minutes or less!

What is siteground used for?

What is siteground used for?

Site ground is an excellent pick for your business. It has minimal downtime, easy interface, great customer support, and several freebies to help you scale and grow your online business. You can upgrade to one of its higher hosting plans (e.g. cloud server, dedicated server & WooCommerce hosting)

I especially recommend siteground hosting for:

  • Bloggers
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Small Medium Enterprises
  • Those who use WordPress CMS
  • Those who need features like staging, Git repositories or SSH access
Siteground isn’t good for:
  • If your budget is low and requires a lot of disk space
  • if you need windows hosting
  • If you’re looking for cheap hosting solutions

Why SiteGround is Best for eCommerce?

If you’re looking for a hosting that will help you scale your eCommerce business, Siteground is the one you should go for. Unmetered bandwidth and other order processing functionalities are there to take your eCommerce business to the next level; you get:

  • Free Shopping Carts
  • Free eShop transfers (if you’re already hosted on some other platform)
  • Free CDN service for better response time
  • eCommerce optimized server to handle customers during flash sales
  • Multiple server locations to help your targeted customers with the best page load time
  • 24/7 customer support via Ticket/Phone/Chat
  • Free Daily Backups

All these features are packed in every package from Startup to GoGeek. Just note down your requirements, look for a package that fits your requirements, and proudly build your eCommerce business with Siteground.

Finally, 6 Reasons to choose Siteground Hosting

  • Siteground has the power to load your site 2x faster than any other hosting
  • It offers daily backups for free
  • It has 6 data centers in three continents
  • One-click WordPress staging environment
  • It is (the WordPress managed hosting is the way to go!)
  • It has transparent pricing and monthly visitors limits

So here is the comprehensive siteground hosting review where we discussed each fact. although the siteground offers low disk space, if your major concern is disk space then I will recommend you to go for Scala hosting or Cloudways.

Siteground Faq

Is Siteground better than Godaddy?

Yes, it is. because siteground provides SSD storage and even siteground server performance is far better than Godaddy.

Which is better Bluehost or Siteground?

Siteground, for sure. If you compare both web hosting then you will find that siteground is much better than Bluehost in terms of speed and features. Bluehost has the advantage of free domain that you don’t get in siteground.

Where is Siteground located?

It has data centers across the globe and it is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Is Siteground fast?

Yes, Siteground is fast. that’s why people love to host their WordPress website on it even siteground is recommended by the official WordPress website.

Does Siteground offer a free domain?

Nope, no free domain is offered.

Which Siteground plan is best?

Grow big plan is a great pick! where you could host multiple websites.

What payment methods do they accept?

They accept global payment gateways like PayPal, credit cards, etc.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they provide 30 days money-back guarantee.

How much does Siteground cost?

It depends on what service you need. siteground plans start at 3.95$ per month onwards.

Does siteground offer free migration?

Yes, you can migrate your website through “siteground migrator” plugin.

Is SiteGround good for eCommerce?

yes, siteground is great option for ecommerce website. it offers free eShop transfers.

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