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Hello, My name is Ban Sharma. I’m a professional Digital Marketer and Blogger. I created this website to help new webmasters begin their successful money-making journey by sharing my experiences. Furthermore, I will be sharing all of my upcoming projects and the journey that comes with them.

My Online Journey!

Hello, I am Ban Sharma, a Digital Marketer and Blogger. I am from Rishikesh. I started my blogging journey in 2018.

If I talk about my education, I completed my studies from 8th standard in a Sanskrit school called “Darshan Mahavidyalaya” near Ram Jhula, Rishikesh.

I had a keen interest in doing computer-related work, so I took the 10th-grade exams through an open board. I know what you must be thinking, such a sudden career change?

But we will discuss that some other time, in which I will tell you that I chose the computer field instead of choosing a career related to Sanskrit.

After completing 10th and 12th from the open board, I did a Diploma in Computer Science. This was the time when I read about blogging.

While I was studying computer science, I used to read a lot of Hindi blogs on various topics. Gradually, I came across articles about making money online through blogging. These articles taught me how one can earn money through their blogs.

I started my first tech blog on Blogger. During that time, I would bunk classes with my friends and use the internet on library computers.

That time we used Psiphon software, as Jio’s service was not available back then.

When I started blogging, I thought I would comfortably earn up to 50k, which would set me up for life. However, things didn’t go as planned. After working on my blog, I realized that making money through blogging wasn’t as easy as I initially thought.

I tried working on 2-3 more blogs using Blogspot domains, but I didn’t see any results from them.

After that, I learned about WordPress and bought my first domain “blogymind” from GoDaddy and hosted it on HostGator. This was my first investment, and I managed to convince my mother to support me. I was quite serious about blogging at that time.

However, even this blog eventually failed.

I also asked my friends to work together, but they agreed verbally and then disappeared. The truth is that no one really wants to work for free, even if it helps them gain more knowledge.

During my college days, when I went for an internship, I learned about SEO for the first time. Despite having an interest in offline marketing, I had to choose between PHP and SEO for my internship. Due to my interest in marketing, I chose SEO.

After the internship, I watched several videos related to SEO, and after completing college, I joined a course in Gujarat to learn more. While I did learn a few things there, most of what I learned was from online videos and articles. I ended up wasting 25k on that course.

As you know, many Indian institutes offer basic training and hand-out certificates that often don’t hold much practical value. It’s more beneficial to learn SEO by actively working on your own blog and utilizing online free resources such as videos and articles.

During that time, I started another blog focused on software downloads, with the domain “Download Cnet.” I later abandoned it and bought another domain, “Fox Maya,” for offering SEO services.

However, this domain proved somewhat beneficial for me. I designed websites for people on WordPress, and I also had a strong passion for design. Because of this, I created several Elementor templates and blocks, which I made available for free to everyone. Many people appreciated them, and even today, individuals use them for their work.

Fast forward…

Most of my earnings came from designing websites for clients and providing SEO services. I also joined AdSense and Web hosting affiliate programs on Fox Maya, which brought in some revenue.

My blogging journey wasn’t easy. I made the mistake of buying numerous domains out of excitement, which was a big mistake. Many new bloggers make the same mistake. I strongly advise against it. Focus on one website and give it your all. One successful website can generate substantial revenue.

Remember, SEO takes time to show results, and building backlinks requires effort. The time you spend building backlinks for 5 websites could yield better results for just one domain.

Every new blogger thinks they can work on multiple niches and make good money. But in the end, they often don’t achieve much, and their investments go to waste. This is the mistake I made, wasting several years trying to earn money online.

Once your website generates good revenue, you can consider buying domains for different niches.

I know what you might be thinking, buying so many domains is bound to be a disaster, but we learn from our mistakes. Even though it took me a long time but I corrected my mistakes. Now, I’ve moved forward in the field of online earning.

On this blog, I’ll be sharing both my mistakes and helpful articles with you. My goal is to help make your online journey successful and wonderful.

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